About Us

About Us

Greenhills College was opened in 1970 to serve the developing area of Southwest Dublin. The college seeks to stimulate and foster the physical, intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual growth of the students. Parents who choose Greenhills College as a second-level school for their children do so in the knowledge that the college will value each student for his own personal gifts. Today the college is up-to-date and is well equipped to meet the challenge of preparing our young people for a successful future. The college is multi-denominational and welcomes students from all religious backgrounds and traditions.

Greenhills College also has a strong tradition in delivering quality Further Education Courses over the years. The Courses on offer reflect the needs and aptitudes as well as career paths of a rapidly expanding and diverse society. Our courses strive to prepare students for the many demands of a constantly changing work environment as well as for further education in the second and third level sector.

Our team of highly skilled and motivated tutors ensures that all students enrolling on our various courses will achieve their full potential as learners ready for the world of work and further education.

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