Fees & Funding

Course Fees

There are no tuition fees for EU nationals. Non-EU nationals should contact the College for details of entry requirements. A registration fee is payable by each student to cover the cost of services. Students are also liable for examination and certification fees, special course charges etc. Full details of charges relating to each particular course are available from the College.

PLC Programme Participant Contribution

  • Full Medical Card holders in their own right and their dependent children;
  • Those who are eligible under the student grant (PLC Grant) scheme;
  • Those in receipt of a range of social welfare payments;
  • Those on VTOS payments.

Maintenance Grants

Maintenance grants are available to PLC students taking QQI Level 5/6 courses. A means test is applied. Students wishing to apply for a grant must apply online to SUSI through studentfinance.ie and on facebook.com/susisupport. Students in receipt of Social Welfare payments are ineligible for PLC Grant assistance..

VTOS (Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme)

Certain applicants may be eligible to avail of the VTOS Scheme. To qualify applicants must be over 21 years of age and in receipt of one of the following payments for at least six months (156 days) at the start of the chosen course:

  • One Parent Family Allowance.
  • Disability Allowance.
  • Unemployment Benefit/Allowance.
  • Signing up for credits.
  • Or be a dependent of any of the above.

VTOS students are entitled to free course tuition, exam fees, and books etc. without losing any of their benefits.

Back to Education Allowance (BTEA)

Students who are over 18 years of age and in receipt of one of a range of Social Welfare payments must inform their Social Welfare office that they are intending to pursue a full-time course of study.