Parents Association

The Greenhills College Parents Association

Our Constitution


The name of the Association shall be "The Greenhills College Parents' Association".

Aims and Objectives

  • To foster greater involvement and awareness by parents in the education of their child.
  • To discuss ideas and information and to discuss areas of mutual interest.
  • To foster the development of the school as a progressive and respected centre of learning and as a focus of social and cultural activity within the community.
  • To safeguard the rights and the legitimate aspirations and interests of the parents and the children in all matters pertaining to the school and its activities while recognising and respecting those of the staff and people involved in its administration. Specifically, the Association shall not have the power to deal with complaints against members of the school staff. Such complaints or problems will be dealt with directly by the Principal (or his representative) and the parents concerned.
  • The Parents' association shall be apolitical.


All Parents/Guardians of children enrolled in the school are automatically members of the Association.


  • The Parents' Association shall be conducted by a council consisting of the two parents' nominees on the Board of Management plus fifteen additional members. These additional members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. Where necessary voting shall be by secret ballot on a straight count basis. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later the 20th of November in any school year.
  • At the first meeting in each school year the new council shall elect Honorary Officers: a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and other Honorary Officers deemed necessary.
  • The Deputy Principal shall act as facilitating and liaison Officer to the Parents' Association.
  • A quorum at council meetings shall consist of five members.
  • The Chairperson at any meeting shall, in the event of a tie, have a second or casting vote.
  • Council members who miss three consecutive council meeting without offering valid reasons for their absence will forfeit their position on the committee and their place shall be filled by co-option.
  • Meetings of the Council shall be called by the Chairperson or Secretary or at the request of any seven members of the Council.
  • A member of the Council must resign on ceasing to be a parent of a child attending the College and their place shall be filled by co-option.
  • The Council shall have powers of co-option in the event of additional members being considered necessary. The numbers of such co-opted members shall not exceed three in any one year of office of the council and they shall retire at the end of the term of office of the council.
  • Ordinarily, council members shall be given notice seven days or more in advance of meeting and such notice will include the agenda for the meeting.
  • The Council may invite to attend its meetings such persons as it wishes.
  • Council meetings shall be held at least twice each term, at such times as the council shall direct.
  • The Board of Management of the College reserves the right to dissolve the Parents’ Association.
  • No alteration of the rules may be made except at the Annual General Meeting called for this purpose. No alteration or amendment shall be made to the objects clause or dissolution clause which would cause the Parents’ Association to cease to be a charity of Law. Any alteration to the rules must have a majority of at lease two thirds of the total votes cast at such a meeting.


The Council may constitute sub-committees and working parties as it considers desirable all of which will report as requested to the Council. At least two council members will be members of each sub-committee or working party.


  • The Council shall have power to organise fund raising activities to provide whatever funds are considered necessary to properly carry out its functions. The Council in organising fund raising will have regard to other school fund raising activities.
  • Decisions in regard to expenditure of funds raised by the Council shall be made by the Council.
  • Proper accounts shall be kept by the Honorary Treasurer of all monies received and paid out.
  • The Council shall maintain at a bank an account in the name of the association into which all monies received by an on behalf of the Association shall be paid. All cheques and drafts drawn thereon shall be signed jointly by the Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary or Chairperson.
  • The Financial Year for the Association shall be from the 1st September to 31st August.


Duties of Officers of the Council


  • Decides on meetings and agenda in consultation with the Secretary and the Deputy Principal of the College.
  • Ensures that all present can contribute to the meeting.
  • Keeps meetings to order and on time.


  • Arranges the agenda of all meetings in consultation with the Chairperson and the Deputy Principal of the College.
  • Ensures that all members are notified of meetings.
  • Ensures that accurate minutes are kept of meetings.
  • Corresponds and liaises with other bodies when necessary.
  • Presents an Annual report on the activities of the Council to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.


  • Ensures that funds are in hand to meet the necessary expenses of the association.
  • Keep accurate accounts and records regarding all income and payments made on behalf of the Association.
  • Presents an Annual Treasurer’s report to the Council.
  • Ensures that accounts shall be audited annually.



Two Additional Clauses

  • The Council may comment on and where necessary, act on matters of local or national importance. In so doing the Council will take cognizance of and have due regard for the position taken by the College Authorities on such matters.
  • The Council may consult and liaise with, make representation to, and, where and when appropriate seek representation on, such local, regional and national bodies as are deemed relevant to the objectives of the association.


One Additional Clause

  • The Council may comment on and where necessary, act on matters of local or national importance. In so doing the Council will take cognizance of and have due regard for the position taken by the College Authorities on such matters.