Leaving Certificate

Results Update

The Department of Education and Skills have released an update on the schedule for the release of this year's Leaving Cert results.

  • Students will have to access the online portal from Monday the 20th of July and must confirm if they agree to receive a calculated Leaving Cert grade.
  • The results for this year's Leaving Cert will be released on the 7th of September.
  • CAO results will follow on the 11th of September.
  • UCAS (the UK college application system) have agreed to facilitate this years Leaving Cert system.
  • Students will be able to appeal their results from the 14th of September.

Edmodo Access

4th Year Classes

Below are the class codes for our 4th year Edmodo classes. Make sure you join the correct teacher's class.

4th Year

  • English Ms. Brosnan - k4fipr
  • English Mr. Lee – b4mtv5
  • Maths Ms. Sewell – 9kjxuj
  • Maths Ms. O’Dwyer – i35iaj
  • Irish Ms. O’Brien – 5x469g
  • Irish Ms. Scully – 5x63rf
  • History Mr. Waters – iw8mpz
  • Geography Mr. Ennis – 593mkr
  • Science Ms. Fagan – hxb2z9
  • Business - Ms. Donoghue - Already active
  • German - Ms. Albuquerque - Already active
  • Coding - Mr. Farrelly - Already active
  • Music - Ms. Albuquerque & Ms. Sewell - Already active
  • Art - Ms. O'Brien - svqhgq

Edmodo Access

LCA Classes

Below are the class codes for our LCA Edmodo classes.


  • English & Communications Ms. Kelly - psabqu
  • German Mr. Barnes – dthb7j
  • Art Ms. O'Brien – sghdtx
  • Social Education Mr. Waters – aaymhn
  • Maths Mr. Egan – nckxdg
  • Careers Ms. Golding-Brady – w995pz

Edmodo Access

1st & 2nd Year Classes

Below are the class codes for our Edmodo classes. These are set up for 1st and 2nd year students. Make sure you join the correct teacher's class.

If you experience any difficulties contact Mr. Stone, ciaranstone@greenhillscollege.ie

1st Year

  • Geography - Mr. Ennis - c8beuc
  • Woodwork - Mr. Egan - 7zny5v
  • Science - Ms. Galvin - 3pjtgp
  • History - Ms.Kelly - n7efcp
  • Maths - Ms. Sewell - 5ecfgc
  • English - Mr. Lee - 8eea75
  • German - Ms. Albuquerque - ry5fxc
  • Irish - Ms. Scully - ws9ntb
  • Business Studies - Ms. Donoghue - 2w3ft3
  • Metalwork - Mr. Egan - 2hgrdi
  • Art - Ms. O'Brien - 2h9nkh

2nd Year

  • Geography - Mr. Ennis – zvfsik
  • Science - Ms McMahon - fwyje6
  • Metalwork - Mr. Egan - c85ck5
  • Woodwork - Mr. Egan - hfbn7z
  • History - Ms. O'Brien - qcx8q9
  • Maths - Ms. Sewell - dt76d9
  • Maths - Mr. Mullins - ujm8kv
  • English - Ms. Brosnan – d2fcjt
  • English - Mr. Lee - g2mb2w
  • Business Studies - Ms. Donoghue - cb97si
  • German - Ms. Albuquerque - a5ah6j
  • Irish - Ms. O'Brien - kapx6v
  • Irish - Ms. Scully - 23qtib
  • Art - Ms. O'Brien - wfih82
  • Science - Ms. Fagan - 657dpk
  • History - Ms. Kelly – cattzc

Easter Update April 2020

We are still available for parent and student support during the Easter Holidays. Students are encouraged to continue linking in with their Edmodo accounts during this time.

We will be in touch with further updates from the Department of Education and Skills as soon as they become available.

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter. Take care and stay safe.

Guidance March 2020

We understand that parents and students may want to contact us for advice, information or support at this time. Some areas we might be able to help with are:

  • Studying from home
  • Updates on examinations
  • Personal support

You can email us at carolinegoldingbrady@greenhillscollege.ie or bridbrennan@greenhillscollege.ie
We can reply by email but we are also happy to give you a call back if you would prefer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – we are here to support you during this difficult time.

Edmodo Codes March 2020

Below are the class codes for our Edmodo classes. These are set up for both Junior and Leaving certificate students. Make sure you join the correct teacher's class.

Leaving Cert

  • English, Mr. Lee - jr8x2r
  • English, Ms. Brosnan - 2fq9r7
  • Maths, Ms.Sewell - vjs9pd
  • Maths, Ms. O'Dwyer - 54uf43
  • Irish, Ms. Scully - paqh4v
  • Irish, Ms. O'Brien - zr33an
  • Biology, Ms. Fagan - huikcg
  • Geography, Mr. Farrelly - xxwm8e
  • Art, Ms. O'Brien - vfj4mc
  • Engineering, Mr. Mullins - pg5auq
  • Business, Ms. Donoghue - csy8h5
  • Accounting, Mr. Stone - 77qw22
  • LCVP, Ms. Cahill - tzitdc

Junior Cert

  • English, Ms. Brosnan - m2ixrg
  • English Ms. Middleton - ayrjz9
  • Irish, Ms. Scully - s72a72
  • Irish, Ms. O'Brien - 3wyc3i
  • Maths, Ms. Galvin - 5h55np
  • Maths, Ms. Sewell - ysgu6p
  • Maths, Ms. O'Dwyer - yqtda3
  • History, Ms. Scully - kykmh2
  • History, Ms. Kelly - 6sqv6z
  • German, Ms. Albuquerque - yfyzy2
  • Business, Mr. Stone - gp6v2b
  • Geography, Mr. Farrelly - ifpq5v
  • Geograpy, Mr. Ennis - y7igji
  • Science, Ms. Galvin - 6wee74
  • Woodwork, Mr. Egan - tpyb2w
  • Art, Ms. O'Brien - ju6aiw
  • Engineering, Mr. Mullins - fxveta

Online Payments July 2019

Greenhills College is now using an online payment system for voluntary contributions and other school fees.

To make payments, track payments made and print receipts, please click here.

Family Fun Day October 2018

Greenhills College will be holding a family open day on Saturday 13th October to showcase our Secondary School. The event will run from 2pm to 4pm.

Attendees will get the opportunity to take a tour of our school, see what subjects we offer, and meet some of our pupils. There will be lots of fun activities including a football blitz and bouncy castles. Refreshments will also be provided.

The event is open to the whole family. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

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