Career Guidance

Welcome to our guidance counselling where you can find information about the guidance counselling service available to all members of our school community. 

Our guidance counselling service supports students to develop their talents and abilities. The primary aim of the guidance counselling department is to provide a variety of services in three main areas  

Educational Guidance

Supporting students in decision making, promoting resilience, motivation, learning and exam techniques. Subject choice for future courses and levels needed.  

Career Guidance

Supporting students in decision making related to future choice for employment, apprenticeships, Further Education, Higher Education, and other life roles. For more information, check out the Careers Portal

Choosing a Career 

Some people know at an early stage what they would like to be, but many have no definite ideas about the kind of work they would like to do. Therefore it is important to keep your options open. In order to choose a career you need information on: entrance requirements, opportunities available and awareness of their own qualities, skills and potential. 

It is essential to know the following Entrance Requirements for College 

1.    Minimum entry requirements for colleges (matriculation requirements) Some Colleges and courses require an European Language or a Science Subject. 

2.    Subject requirement for your chosen course/career 

3.    Academic entrance requirements e.g. Points in CAO system (although these may change each year)

Plan for your next steps

In choosing a Career you need to: 

  • Ask yourself what you would like to do? Then take some time to think about this, do the research and plan. 
  • Assess your:  
    1. Skills and Aptitudes – what are you good at? 
    2. Interests – what you enjoy doing? 
    3. Values – what motivates you and would give meaning to your work? 
    4. Personality type – what are your characteristics? 
  • Educational qualifications – what qualifications have you got and what further qualifications do you want to achieve? 
  • Explore the Options – access job descriptions, research job sectors and further and higher education course details. 

Personal Support

Supporting students to cope with aspects of their personal, social, educational and career development by providing a space for them to speak openly about the issues they would like to discuss. 

The Guidance Counselling service advocates a Whole School Approach to guidance counselling and consults with teachers, parents, learning support. The guidance counsellors support management in planning the delivery of the guidance programme in the school. They also liaise with outside agencies, employers and third level institutions.